Girl, 12, raped in Edo state

These stories are becoming way too common now and I can’t help wondering. Is it that we just have more access to information, or is there an escalation in sex crimes or what? Please for all those of us genuinely concerned citizens, lets make a special effort to look for these signs especially in young girls. Some might be too scared to speak up.

This contribution was sent in by David Habba.


By Gabriel Enogholase

BENIN-  Residents of Ekpenede Street in Benin city yesterday woke up to find a 12 year old girl who was allegedly raped by an unknown man soaked in the pool of her blood.

The girl who gave her name as Osagioduwa could not walk even as a sympathizer brought a wrapper to cover her.

Speaking softly, the victim said she was raped inside one primary school by a man who also hit her severally, saying that she pretended to have fainted to enable the alleged rapist have his way.

Osagioduwa who said her parents were dead said she lived in a church and was looking for a place to lay her head when the incident occurred.

“I went out with my cousin and we saw a man. We told him we were looking for a place to sleep and he told us to go to the police station but we ran away.

“Another man told us her sister would help us. He took us to his house and after he took us to one school and I said I wanted to sleep.”

“He grabbed me from the back and closed my mouth. He hit me on my neck and I could not shout. He lay on top of me. I woke up and manage to run away.”

Various groups including the Association of Orphans and Vulnerable Children and the Child Protection Network were called and they invited the police who took her to the hospital.

A member of the group, Lucy Bello said investigation showed that the act was committed at Ogbe Primary School.

Bello said victim was severely injured in her virginal but said doctors had stitched the wound.

Aged grandmother of the victim who gave her name as Rose called for the arrest of the alleged rapist.

She said the victim left home on Sunday when they returned from church.

The grandmother who said she was 80 said the victim’s father was dead but that her mother was living in the village.
She said she had searched for the victim and concluded that she might have gone to see her mother.

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