Lagos Yacht That Disappeared From The Marina Water Spotted In London

Wow! That’s just like magic!


Lagos Sunburn Yacht That Disappeared From The Marina Water Spotted In London

The controversial Sunburn Yacht brought to Lagos by former Senator Tokuboh Afikuyomi and financed by Diamond bank plc recently disappeared from the Marina water in Lagos under a mysterious circumstances. Since its disappearance, neither the bank nor its promoter Lone Seed has come out to state why the yacht suddenly disappeared.

It can now be revealed that the ‘missing’ boat has found its way back to river Thames in London where it originally came from. The boat is said to have been spotted last week at Dockland, London perhaps waiting for the next interested investor.

It might recalled that the boat was brought under the pretence that the Lagos state government has huge investments in the deal. Of course that was until Governor Fashola publicly disowned ownership of the yacht.

The deal was later taken to court by Diamond Bank seeking a court order to retrieve the boat from Lone Seed, a company owned by the former senator.

For several months the boat was docked at Apapa naval dockyard where it went for refurbishment and plumbing re engineering. For the bank, it was a business deal gone sour as the boat predicted to change the face of Lagos tourism ended up disgracing it.


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