Abuse and Promiscuity

This article attempts to explain the slippery slope that leads to promiscuity by writing about how she got there. It might not hold true for everyone, but maybe for some. Quite an enlightening read.

Fish Of Gold

Warning: This post talks about sexual abuse.


One of the results of child sexual abuse that people don’t readily talk about is just how fucked up your sexual development becomes. I was only seven years old when the abuse began, so there was plenty of time to skew my views on sexuality.

Part of the reason why some sexually abused children become promiscuous is because we’re looking to add as much distance and experience as possible from the abuse. The more men I had sex with, the farther away the abuse was from my current reality. It was only later that I realized it was all the same.

I lost my virginity when I was a teenager, although technically, I wasn’t a virgin. What do you call having sex later by choice when your real virginity was stolen by force? Anyway, I lost my “virginity” to a guy I had…

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