Zamfara: A Children Dying Field?

Wow. When will Northern Nigeria get a break? When its not Boko Haram, It’s diseases, and now this. Jeez!

Lawyers Alert

Every rainy season in the north western Nigeria State of Zamfara, at least 300 children die from lead poisoning owing to artisanal mining of Gold in the state.

The Gold industry in Zamfara is large, in both geographic coverage and quantity. For eleven years, there has been artisanal and illegal mining of gold in at least three local government areas in the state, and the industry is rapidly growing, due to the interest of the private sector and the government.

In 2008, the Zamfara state government contracted the services of U.S.-based Greggs Gem and Mining Corp and a Chinese mining company, Gold Concentrator Company, to carry out a survey of the mining areas, and to assess the quantity and quality of the gold in the State.

Though the full report is yet to be released, preliminary reports indicated that gold is embedded in about three local government areas in commercial…

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