Tuface’s Baby Mama’s Wedding to Pastor Suspended?

I did think it was rather brave of the pastor to marry not just any baby mama but one with two sons for an international music star! Plus, the kids are still pretty young so I am not even too sure the lady is completely over Tuface yet (despite the fact that he just tied the knot with another baby mama, Annie Macaulay). Am I saying a woman who has had kids should never marry? No. Just saying, is the good pastor really strong enough to deal with having his wife’s baby daddy shining all over the place in his face all the time?


The wedding has either been cancelled or postponed. Nobody knows what it is at the moment. The couple who have been dating quietly since 2011 were supposed to wed this past Saturday May 4th at Royalty Christian Centre where Adeoye is head pastor, but no wedding took place. In fact Sunmbo, one of 2face Idibia‘s baby mamas, is currently in the US on holiday with her kids while pastor Adeoye is in Nigeria.

Pastor Adeoye, who lost his wife in 2011, made his intention to marry Sunmbo known to his congregation last year, an announcement that didn’t go down well with his followers. Heard some of them quit the church…and a few pastors advised Adeoye to shelve the idea of marrying Sunmbo for now. Has that forced the man of God to cancel his wedding? Time will tell. For now, let’s just say the wedding has been postponed while they sort out their issues…

Culled from Linda Ikeji’s blog

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