Mom Kills Baby…for Crying Too Much

True a baby’s incessant whine can drive you up the wall but mentally shutting the noise out is one thing, head butting and then smashing the baby’s head into a wall is something else entirely. And yet that was the scenario that played out when Chelsea Huggett grabbed hold of her crying two year old baby.


A mother in Citrus County, Fla., has confessed to killing her 2-year-old daughter by smashing the girl’s head into the wall, deputies say.

Chelsea Huggett, 21, has been charged with murder and child abuse in the death Aliyah Marie Branum, WTSP reports.

Deputies were called to Huggett’s Hernando home April 26, and sayHuggett initially told them that her boyfriend had poisoned the toddler with bug spray, the Chronicle Online reported, then claimed that the perpetrator could have been her roommate. The girl died later that day.

Huggett, who is eight months pregnant, was arrested May 2, however, after she allegedly admitted to investigators that she had shaken her daughter, head butted her and smashed her head into a wall because of the 2-year-old’s “whining.”

A booking photo of Huggett shows that she has her daughter’s first name tattooed on her chest.

Story continues below the photo …
chelsea huggett toddler

An autopsy of the girl showed that she had a fractured skull and hemorrhaging on her brain. She also had bruises covering her entire body. A coroner determined that her cause of death was excessive trauma, according to ABC 6.

A former coworker of Huggett told Bay News 9 that she had noticed the woman abusing her daughter last year and had reported the abuse to authorities at the time.

The coworker, whose name has not been released, said she called the Department of Children and Families in August after she saw Huggett hitting her daughter in the back and covering her nose and mouth to stop her from crying. She told Bay News 9 she called a second time after Huggett left her daughter sitting in a dirty diaper for hours.

DCF confirmed with the station that they opened an investigation that month, but found no signs of child abuse.

They opened another investigation in January related to “living conditions” and a mark on the toddler’s neck, but again say they found no evidence of abuse.

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One thought on “Mom Kills Baby…for Crying Too Much

  1. What a terrible tragedy...nothing in this whole wide world is that serious, people. Get it together or leave it alone...there is way too much dysfunction going on. U only get 1 shot in this life, so make it count in a positive way. Jovan should have thoug says:

    Oh my GOD…how could she?? What baby doesn’t cry?? Did this “mother” ever hear of trying to soothe her child. Never again will I say that my (deceased) dear Mother neglected me again because I was a horrific crybaby, big time. Neighbors would come by the house and call to see if I was allright, and if not, to maybe take me to the hospital. My Mother would tell me that story quite often. My older sister was perfectly normal, I was the crybaby and my baby sister didn’t cry at all. Mom used to say that was because I cried enough for all three and the little girl she lost at five (5) months gestation in 1962. Compared to this monster my Mama was a saint, and she truly was, not to have snapped out on me. Thank u Mother Dear for all that you did and sacrificed for us. I hope they take that new baby away from her as soon as the child is born. She is way too dangerous and unstable to be around anyone’s children, let alone her own. Poor, sweet little girl. She never had a chance….sadly.

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