Lagos State Government Shuts Down Seven Churches over Noise Pollution

I am a Christian but I support this fully, especially when you consider the fact that you can’t walk a mile in any neighborhood in Abuja without coming across a church or two. Many are located in residential areas. Usually a congregant’s home-turned-place-of-worship. As a result, these buildings are not designed to contain the noise some churches insist on making during worship and to make matters worse, bull horns are frequently mounted outside and put on full blast as the church makes you a part of their service even if you are safely ensconced in your house with all doors and windows shut! Mid week services are held on Wednesday with mics on full blast never minding that neighbours are trying to get some rest ahead of the next day’s work. Sorry but I am all for it. Any church that must operate within residential areas MUST be compelled to do something about the noise pollution. Either build a sound proof church, or cut out the drums, cymbals, trumpets etc seriously. Then you also have the Muslim calls to prayer in the AMs. Mercifully that takes just about 5 minutes each time so you learn to live with. Plus it sort of helps to get one up in the mornings.

I really wish the FTC administration would take a cue from the Lagos example and do the same thing in Abuja so people can have a little  peace!


Officials of the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency have shut down seven churches in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria over noise pollution.

The churches are the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Ministry; Bible Church, FESTAC; the Chapter of Christ Church, Oregun; Assemblies of God Church, Ikeja; Golden Gate Church, Ifako-Ijaiye and Seek and Save Ministry, Abule Egba.

The closure of the churches is coming after pre-sanction notices were given to the churches to abate the noise pollution emanating from their worship centres.

General Manager, LASEPA, Engr. Rasheed Shabi said the closure of the churches became imperative after several abatement notices issued to them were disregarded.

According to him, some of the churches even rebuffed meetings called by the agency on how to resolve the issue.

Shabi who pointed out that the state government was determined to reduce noise pollution in the state because of the anomalies and diseases related to it, enjoined worship centres in the state to comply with the state’s standard on noise, while suggesting the use of sound proof equipment by churches to reduce noise during their worship services

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3 thoughts on “Lagos State Government Shuts Down Seven Churches over Noise Pollution

  1. It is worrisome these days the way people react to the things of God. Many christians claim to have knowledge but only to the act of God and forget about His ways, these sacrilegeous act are clear indications of the end time. How on earth other “aclaimed worshipers“ will be blasting and bombarding inhabitants with their Allah whatever and nothing has ever been done about it. In some recent years churches and moques were banned using mega speakers (ahuja) and most churches complied but no moque is in consonance with this law but no government dare to close them. However, the devil‘s lads in charge to stop the wide spread of the gospel of Jesus would never prevail.

    • Cep ass or what do you call yourself. You are such a selfish git ! YOu are not bothered what damage these primitive and crude pastors and their churches do to their victims. Criminal Nigerians have hijacked christainity as money making ventures. They pay no tax nor land use charges yet they make life hell to law abiding citizens. They made a lot on Nigerrians unproductive brainwashing them into believing there is shortcut to riches and prosperity. These merchants of prosperity have not changed the country into any better place. They find it difficult to obey the law of the land. There manifesto is to litter every nook and corner with churches so they can make more money. It speaks volume as to the reasons why pastors are always in the news over criminal acts such as rape,robberies, drug traffiking, fraud, money laundering(for politicians and drug barons) etc. They are the reason why an average so called Christian are so wicked and insensitive. All they want is immediate prosperity and for god to strike their perceived enemies. They don’t want to be their brother’s keepers especially people who don’t attend same church as them. They don’t care about the kingdom of heaven anymore and have thrown morals and integrity to the dogs, right from the lowest church gower to the apex of aeroplane ridding Go’s. Speading the gospel of Jesus my ass. Take your indolent and gullible ass abroad where these same Go’s have churches and you’ll find they dare not do their noise mankind madness in those civilised countries.

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