Etsu Nupe Clears Air On Missing Pastor’s Daughter

Why this took such a long time coming I will never know and the royal father is making it all about religion but I think differently. Where really is the missing lady? She is in the custody of the court? So she is now in prison? What does that even mean? If she is in the court’s custody, why is the court saying nothing? Too many unanswered questions here. The matter was discussed on Berekete Family (a radio shows which highlights topical issues with a view to providing immediate solutions) again this morning and I congratulate both the radio station and the producers of that program for being a voice to the voiceless. Not just on this issue of the disappearing convert, but on other matters as well. Good work guys!


The Bida Emirate has refuted the allegation by one Pastor Raymond Uzoechinathat the Etsu Nupe, HRH Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar, kidnapped his daughter as recently aired on an FM station in Abuja, saying that the girl in question is the custody of the court after she ran away from home.

According to a statement issued by the palace, one Aisha Uzoechina had approached the royal father for protection over her change of faith fromChristianity to Islam on February 15, 2013, a move which was vehemently opposed by her father.

According to the place, “the royal father invited the father of the girl for talks, with the hope of reconciling them. On March 2, 2013, the father came to the palace and was taken before His Royal Highness. It was at His Royal Highnesschamber the father came face to face with his daughter.  After discussions with both the girl and her father, the Etsu Nupe asked the girl to go back home with her father to resolve the matter as a family.

“The girl refused to go home with her father fearing that the father may harm her going by the encounter at the Etsu Nupe’s palace. The girl left the palace and approached a court in Bida for protection, a request which the court grant the girl. The girl has since being in the custody of the court in Bida.”

The Bida emirate said it discovered that the girl had withdrawn from the FederalPolytechnic,Bida, where she was a student and that when HRH asked the girl to go home to her father, she stoutly refused out of fear of  parental punishment, despite the insistence of His Royal Highness, the Etsu Nupe.

“Her reason was that her father insulted her and she was scared that he may harm her because of his utterances during their short meeting. The father having failed to convince the girl to return home with him had earlier sought the intervention of the Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN) and the Department of State Security(SSS) but the girl stood her ground and refused all pleas.”

According to the emirate, it was after these futile efforts that the pastor went t the FM station in Abuja with distorted story on the issue and the station knowingly or unknowingly begun to spread false hood against HRH, the Etsu Nupe.

It noted that the royal father had always acted in good faith and in the larger interest of any citizen who approached him for help irrespective of their religion, tribe or nationality, and advised the pastor to take appropriate steps and approach the court in Bida to secure the release of his daughter. He was also advised to desist from doing anything that will portray Bida Emirate or the Etsu Nupe in bad light.


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