Lawyers Alert Suit on Arrest of Women at Night: FCT MINISTER REACTS AS SUIT COMES UP TOMORROW 3RD MAY 2013.

Lawyers Alert

Recall Lawyers Alert had sued the FCT Minister and Inspector General of Police regarding the arrest of women seen around Abuja streets at night. Lawyers Alert suit argues that the incessant harassment, intimidation and arrest of women in Abuja at nights on suspicion of prostitution is not only unconstitutional but also a violation of women human Rights as it breaches Section 35 (1) and 41 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and also Articles 2 and 19 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights. 

In reaction to the Suit which comes up tomorrow in Abuja High Court No.28, the FCT Minister filed a preliminary objection to the effect that Lawyers Alert has no locus or interest in the matter to warrant our involvement. Since Lawyers Alert is not a woman and has not been arrested, the Minister says Lawyers Alert is a busy body and…

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