Case Against BEMA (Flood Relief Funds Management) By Lawyers Alert set for 9th of May, 2013


We all are aware of the flooding that ravaged people and communities in Benue.

As a result, the FG,  Philanthropists, State Governments and other Bodies made significant donations as relief to our people.

Months thereafter, the affected are still making lone and individuals efforts to get back to their feet while the relief/assistance made to them remains with Government.
No reason has been given for this.

Several stories have been bandied around from corruption and misapplication of the funds.
These maybe true or false.

One thing is however clear: in a natural disaster of this nature, social justice and social rights places an obligation upon government to provide for them and assist. Its an obligation!
We too in our little ways ought to contribute.

It is with the above in mind that the President of lawyers Alert, Rommy Mom Esq  sued under the Freedom of Information Law to  KNOW what exactly is the issue and why the affected are waiting almost a year after monies was collected by the Benue State Government.

Hopefully this act will also ginger Govt to release these monies to the affected and tell the Benue people in what measure.

Its also an opportunity for Govt to put a lie to the stories of corruption making rounds. Its an opportunity for Govt to show how transparent it is, at least in this regard.

The matter which has been assigned to Justice Ada Onum of the Makurdi High Court  of Benue State is slated for the 9th day of May 2013 at nine o” clock in the forenoon.

We will post an update.


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