Illegality of Clamping Cars in the FCT

Lawyers Alert

No doubt the need for resources exists to enable governments, including the government of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT Abuja to develop infrastructures, maintain  clean and healthy environment and provide security for the residents. These are legitimate aspirations of any government.

Given that Abuja is the CapitalCity of Nigeria, there is the additional need to showcase an international city worthy of the status of Nigeria as a regional power. This perhaps accounts for the huge allocations to the FCT though smaller in land mass and population to States like Benue, Niger, Kwara etc, which in comparison are allocated much smaller funds.

The FCT on its own too, tries to generate internal revenue which probably accounts for all manner of taxes (some justified, others not)  in the city.

One of the most controversial taxation by the FCT now is the Parking Tolls or Rates where when a motorist parks, he or…

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