Wife Kills and Cooks Husband

Okay this is pretty sick and i don’t even want to know what the poor man did to justify being cannibalised (yeah cooked and eaten). But the good thing is, if the law has takes its course, the dear lady will probably have a pretty hard time getting any kind of meat anytime soon, methinks! Please read on.



Jurors in an Oklahoma County murder trial heard testimony Wednesday that murder defendant Exondia J. Salado told a lover she “cooked” her husband’s body after shooting him.
photo - Exondia Salado, right, sits with an attorney in the Oklahoma County Courthouse Tuesday, March 22. Photo by Jim Beckel

Exondia Salado, right, sits with an attorney in the Oklahoma County Courthouse Tuesday, March 22. Photo by Jim Beckel

“She said she cut it to pieces or sections,” Edwin Rivera testified.

The former lover was the second witness to tell jurors Exondia Salado confessed. A friend, April Stubbs, testified Tuesday Exondia Salado admitted to her she shot husband Manny Salado, kept his body in a foot locker for days, and then grilled the body in the country.

Their testimony is crucial to the prosecution in a murder case that is unusual because the body was never found.

He said she admitted in one phone call that she shot her husband in his sleep, first turning up the TV or radio. He said she also admitted she cut up and cooked the body outside an abandoned house or farm.

“At first I thought it was just her talking. I didn’t take it seriously,” Rivera testified.

He said the two made plans to move in together in the Chicago area.

Exondia Salado and her daughter left Oklahoma in late October 2007, meeting Rivera at a gas station in Chicago. She later moved to Florida where she was charged and arrested in December 2008.

Defense attorneys suggest Manny Salado is still alive and just abandoned his wife and young daughter. He was 33 at the time of his disappearance.

Exondia Salado, now 39, is accused of fatally shooting her husband at their Oklahoma City apartment on Oct. 8, 2007. The two had a rocky marriage, according to testimony. Jurors were told both had affairs.

Rivera lives in Indiana. He said he and the defendant were lovers in the 1990s and began a sexual relationship again in 2005 or 2006. He said she then lived in Illinois, and he did not at first know she was married. He testified they still talked on the phone and exchanged emails after she and her husband moved to Oklahoma City in late 2006.

Story culled from http://newsok.com

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