Six-year-old Rape Victim ‘out of danger’ as Police Detain 22 suspects

This is a follow up to the earlier story.


The six-year-old girl who was found naked and critically injured in a public toilet at south-east Delhi’s Badarpur on Friday, underwent a major three-hour long operation by a team of specialists at the AIIMS trauma centre on Saturday. 

Twenty-two suspects with past criminal records have reportedly been detained in connection with the attack.

Ajay Chaudhary, a commissioner of police, confirmed: “We have rounded up 22 suspects. They are alcoholics and drug addicts, who have some past criminal record. All of them are being questioned. Soon we will identify the culprit and he will be arrested.”

Police were deployed at Mehrauli-Badarpur road in anticipation of protests over the rape

Police were deployed at Mehrauli-Badarpur road in anticipation of protests over the rape

Police have also found a bunch of hair, supposedly from the perpetrators, at the scene. The hair samples have been sent for examination. 

While surgeons described the girl’s condition as being ‘out of danger’ for now, they said she was at great risk of contracting infections later on. 

“The girl was brought to us in an extremely bad state. Her throat was slit at two places to the extent that her wind-pipe was clearly visible. She suffered complex wounds inside her body. Her anal canal was completely ruptured,” Dr Biplab Mishra said.

While the test reports of sample swabs taken of the victim were not available till late evening, the doctors said that the case could confidentially be described as one of ‘sexual assault’. 

Her health is being constantly monitored. 

In another incident, two women, aged 40 and 22, were gang-raped by three unidentified persons at gun-point inside a car in the Sohna area of Gurgaon on Friday night. Medical examination of the victims has confirmed rape.

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