Are we dressing appropriately for an epidemic?

I am a major fan of decent dressing and try to abide as well. Though I have my cheeky moments, I do have a rather boyish build which I think lets me get away with things a more curvaceous woman could not. That said, I think you are right. The fact that the law protects us does not mean we should go out of our way to goad men. Of course mere gawping is very different from rape. 2 different things. And I do not believe men rape skimpily clad girls because they can’t control themselves, they do it deliberately to teach a lesson, which is equally wrong cos its just not their place to so do. Good piece.

Campari and Sofa

vagendaskirtI was standing in line at my local supermarket the other day when the man behind me gasped. I looked up from the mag I was browsing, to see what had got his goat.

At the check-out till ahead of us was a young girl – bending over her groceries. Her dress had hoiked up so far, we could see where her sun doth shine.

I just shook my head – thinking, “Seriously girlfriend – at the supermarket” but then I realised she was her school uniform – and she was definitely not wearing regulation panties.

The girl was gorgeous in a Jerry Hall kind of way. Long, lean legs, tousled blonde mane, heavily mascara’d eyes. She would have looked fantastic in a flour sack. Yet here she was a sliver of a school dress. Buying chips and dip and coca cola. And flashing the shoppers.

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