Alleshia Gregson: Britain’s youngest mum to have two children who AREN’T twins

What can I say? She is lucky to have a kind mom.


Harrowing but uplifting tale of the girl who was pregnant at 12, gave birth at 13, and became pregnant again a year later

Proud: Alleshia with her sons
Proud: Alleshia with her sons

Terrified schoolgirl Alleshia Gregson discovered she was pregnant at the age of just 12 – and again when she was 14.

At 15 she was Britain’s youngest mother-of-two where the babies were not twins.

But her’s is an inspirational story. She has told the Sunday People how she was suicidal but has overcome the trauma of teenage pregnancies and post-natal depression to bravely juggle motherhood and college studies.

Alleshia was a shy new girl in town when her ordeal began, struggling to fit in at school and picked on for having a different accent to local kids.

She was cruelly bullied. Doors were slammed in her face, she was punched in the stomach and stones were thrown at her as she walked to lessons.

Then she fell pregnant by her childhood sweetheart but managed to keep her condition secret for the entire nine months, despite being a tiny size 6.

Alleshia said: “When I first realised I was pregnant I only confided in my best friend and she told no one. I was in a bad place. I didn’t dare tell my mum, I thought she’d kick me out.

“I didn’t look pregnant at any time. I’d convinced myself I wasn’t pregnant, so in turn my body was convinced it wasn’t pregnant. I didn’t even suffer with morning sickness.

“I told myself over and over, ‘It’s a worm and when it’s born I’ll keep it in the wardrobe and feed it bread once a day. Nobody will know’.”

Only when Alleshia, from Hull, East Yorkshire, saw the outline of her baby’s foot through her skin while in the bath did the reality dawn on her.

The combination of bullying and being pregnant so overwhelmed her that she considered suicide.

Desperate Alleshia wrote her mum Cherryl a note, revealing how bad she felt but not mentioning that she was expecting.

Cherryl recalled: “I found the note after she left for school one morning. I phoned her and told her to stay right where she was. The note was ­harrowing. She was in such a low place.

“I went to find her and removed her from school. I had her home-tutored six hours a day, three days a week.”

But Alleshia’s pregnancy continued to be a secret. Single mum Cherryl did not realise her daughter was due to give birth until 22 minutes before it happened.

Alleshia, by now 13, knew her baby must be on the way when she was hit by excruciating pains. In a state of panic, she fled to the bathroom.

She recalled: “I was sat on the loo and things happened quickly. I could see the baby’s head. But I didn’t know my waters had broken – I thought I was weeing non-stop. It was agony.”

Alleshia Gregson
Happy family: Alleshia with her boys, her mum Cherryl and brother Ryan 

The scared teenager used eight rolls of toilet paper to mop up before texting Cherryl, who was downstairs, for help. She simply wrote: “Please don’t go mad, but I’m pregnant and I think it’s coming.”

Cherryl ran upstairs and broke down the door to find her daughter covered in blood, mid-delivery.

With the help of Alleshia’s older brother Ryan, who was just 17 at the time, Cherryl got Alleshia downstairs. She gave birth to her 8lb son Lewis on the lounge carpet without any pain relief. An ambulance arrived afterwards and its crew cut the umbilical cord. Cherryl, who was already a grandmother to her 18-year-old daughter Kirsty’s child, said: “The house was in chaos.

“The afterbirth was slung on my laptop, there was blood all over the sofa and the beige carpet had to be thrown away. But Lewis was the most gorgeous baby.”

Following the birth Alleshia went into shock and her heart rate ­plummeted. But despite recovering physically, she struggled to cope with life as a new mum and was diagnosed with post-natal depression.

Things got worse. At the age of three months Lewis became dangerously ill with whooping cough.

Alleshia said: “Every day I found it hard and I became depressed. Mum took over and was brilliant. It was only when Lewis was very poorly, on a ventilator in intensive care, that I finally realised I needed to be a mum. A doctor told us to prepare for the worst. It was so frightening.

“I didn’t sleep for two days. I just looked at Lewis and knew I needed to care for him. It was then that the post-natal depression left me. Like a cloud it just lifted – and I fell in love with my adorable baby boy.” But more drama was in store for Alleshia.

When Lewis was 10 months old and well again, Alleshia visited her estranged boyfriend so he could meet his baby. The one-hour trip to Nottingham turned into a four-day visit when Alleshia’s lift home failed to arrive.

During that time, the 14-year-old slept with her ex again – and her second son, Braiden, was conceived.

This time she confided in a school counsellor, who broke the bombshell news to her mum when she was 22 weeks pregnant. Cherryl was devastated.

She said: “I dropped the phone in complete shock. I could not look at Alleshia. I took her to the doctor and I cried buckets of tears.”


Alleshia Gregson
Coping: The mum in action

Braiden was born, weighing 8lb 4oz, in May 2011, when Alleshia was 15.

She said: “A midwife told me I was at that time the youngest mum in Britain to have two children at different ages.

“I’ve been left with horrendous stretch marks. But I wouldn’t change either of my sons for anything.”

Alleshia, now 17, still lives with her mum, who gives her a great deal of help and support. Her ex-boyfriend has no contact with his sons, now aged one and three.

She said: “I’ve been lucky in having the most amazing mum in the world. Her support has meant everything. She has been a tower of strength to me and puts me and the boys first in everything. I can’t thank her enough.”

Alleshia managed to pass GCSE ­exams in maths and English between having her two babies. Now she is ­studying social care at college and hopes to use her experience to help other young expectant mums. She explained: “I will visit secondary schools and talk about ­being pregnant so young. I’ll advise anyone who finds ­themselves in the situation I was in not to keep quiet. Lewis is a miracle baby. I had no anti-natal care but he is perfect. I’m very fortunate. Someone else might not be so lucky.”

Grandma Cherryl, 41, praised Alleshia as a mum.

She said: “She takes great care of her kids, taking them on regular trips to the park and the beach. They are two g­orgeous, happy little boys and I am very proud of her.”

Alleshia knows some will disapprove of her. She ­appealed: “I know people judge me – but I feel if they read my story, they will understand.”

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  1. “but I feel if they read my story, they will understand” very funny indeed, sharrap and change jo, before you give birth to the third. “hisses”

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