“War Babies”

I wonder what level of low self esteem a child born into such circumstances goes through!

Reconciliation in Sierra Leone

Unfortunately, the phenomena of children born of rape is not limited to Sierra Leone. As researcher Carpenter states, there is “a global underclass of children born of war rape or sexual exploitation in conflict zones” (1). With growing frequency, rape is being used as a tool of warfare in conflicts across the world, inevitably resulting in unwanted pregnancies and births. Unfortunately, the needs of children born of rape have been overlooked worldwide. They go virtually unrecognized by the international community. Although children at risk have categories–such as child soldiers and abandoned children–rape babies do not have a category in international discourse at all (Carpenter). Thus, their needs go unaddressed and they are utterly unaccounted for. The children of rape should have a separate category which would help address their unique needs and protect their human rights. Additionally, children born of rape should be considered victims of the rapists (Goodhart). Viewed…

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