“But he was such a nice guy”…

Well, I think good and evil alike exist in every man. Its the extent to which you allow one part take up more space than the other that places you on a particular side of the divide. Every now and then we see flashes of good in people we consider to be bad/evil and vice versa. Who is to say? Its the nature of who we are as humans I guess. God be with us all.

Izzy In a Tizzy

Disclaimer:  This post is about the suspect in the marathon bombings and I know some people will find this post totally unnecessary but I’ve heard quite a few people wondering how this “nice kid” ended up doing such terrible things.  So without further ado…

As I watch the news stories about the suspects in the Boston bombings, I find myself relating almost all the information to what I know about domestic violence.  And, it’s even come out that the oldest suspect was arrested for domestic violence.  But I didn’t need the news to tell me that.  As soon as I heard about the bombings, I knew that any person responsible for this would never treat their partner well, too.

So then I hear all these reports that people who knew the younger brother described him as nice, friendly and funny.  It’s hard to imagine someone with those qualities…

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