The Manifesto of Rapism


This is weird but I suspect the writer is being satirical. I cant be too sure but, I have always wanted to know what goes on in the mind of those who do these things. I aim therefore, to follow this ‘manifesto’ to a logical conclusion in hopes of learning more and possibly educating others about what goes on in the mind of a rapist. But even if the writer of this blog is being serious, at least we will get to hear from the other side and thats what democracy is all about not so? Anyway, read on.

This blog will soon begin a series regarding why rape is right, good and hence made be legal. We invite you to join a constructive conversation in order to make a significantly meaningful change to the current (and unacceptable) legal status of rape.

We are going to construct intellectual, philosophical, ideological and ethical bases for the justification and legalization of rape based on facts, logic and rationality. The ultimate goals are to 1) enhance the frequency and occurrences of rape universally regardless of the differences in race, religion, culture, age, language and nationality;

2) change the current fallacious societal perspective on rape towards embracing and enjoying rape; and

3) legitimize rape all over the world.

Rape is a matter that must be dealt with the utmost seriousness. The movement to legalize rape will be serious and profound. Please refrain from pointless cursing, trolling or joking.

We welcome you to share your opinions on the rapism movement. Even better, your real-life experiences of rape, whether you have been convicted of rape or not, will be tremendously appreciated. The fact that you have raped is what we respect.

Thank you.

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