A Friendly Reminder…

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. Evidently the lady on the couch has had one too many and IS passed out. Would probably know no better if someone chose to molest her in this state. The fact that she DOES NOT KNOW what you are doing means she did not grant consent and as such touching her in a sexual way is at best ASSAULT and at worst RAPE (depending on what you did of course). We often require proof of a huge fight and struggle with the attacker covered in scratches and bites and the victim presenting bruises all over to be convinced that an assault actually took place but that is usually not the case. The main issue is consent. And for men, the minute you think you are getting mixed signals, kindly accept that you have not been granted consent and conduct yourself as such. Be the man with two heads who is somehow able to look the other way even when faced with a vulnerable woman!

Come up Screaming

A Friendly Reminder...

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