Rape A Global Pandemic

In case anyone is wondering, I am not attacking India. However, for reasons I can’t really put my finger on, that nation has remained in the news for all the wrong reasons since last year. Clearly, a sudden rash of rapes did not suddenly descend on India. The situation must have existed as such for a while only coming into the news recently. Since the first gang-rape-on-a- bus story reported some months ago, it seems as if weekly, one horror story after another is unearthed accompanied by the seeming unwillingness of the police to be involved in these cases. A young lady is reported to have committed suicide after being advised by the Indian police to marry her rapist. One report says the father of the recently violated 5 yr old girl was initially offered money by the police to go away and sort his problem out quietly.
The good thing is, the situation has given rise to robust debate about the issues involved. I must confess the 1st gang rape story was what motivated me to start a blog on these issues with a lot of support and encouragement from good friends.
Some might say this is an Indian thing, why bother with it? My answer: rape knows no boundaries. We should all be worried. Very worried.

One thought on “Rape A Global Pandemic

  1. Thanks much for the Reblog. I would welcome people from other nations to also attack India with regard to its repeated inability to prevent rapes. Yes it is true that the police tried to pay off the family of the 5 year old. And it is a practice that people women normally tend to marry the men who have been deemed to have violated their honor. And there is one thing I might point out, it is most certainly not an “Indian thing”. There have been about 4 rapes in the United States of America for every single rape in India. yes four times. And the alarming thing is I do not see an uproar in the USA like I do in India. Like I said “global”.

    stats: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_statistics

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