Elderly Woman Gets Even With Husband After 40 Years of Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse is generally considered not be a big deal. However, it is a form of mental and emotional abuse which can leave the victim with a low sense of self worth and esteem. But surely it can be no worse than being physically hit? Well, you might want to ask Annie Oliver, 80, who after years of verbal abuse, decided she had had enough and did something about it, Find the story below.



Kansas City, MO – Annie Oliver, 80, was taken into custody after allegedly beating the “smart” out of her 75-year-old husband with a baseball bat

Police responded to the home the couple had shared for nearly 40 years Wednesday, after receiving a call from Annie’s granddaughter.

Annie apparently called her granddaughter just before 1:00 p.m. and told her she had hurt the victim, Ronald, pretty bad. She went on to say that while her husband was helping her out with something, he hit her on the hand and began “talking smart” to her. She “lost it,” she said, and hit him upside the head with a baseball bat and cut him with a knife.

According to police, they found Ronald lying in a pool of blood. It appeared as if he had suffered from a bit of blunt force trauma to the head — officers observed part of his skull exposed. Blood spatter and brain matter were apparently evident on the floors and wall.

Annie was found in another bedroom, getting dressed. Officers noted she had blood spatter on her shoes and a piece of human tissue on her forehead. She had a cut in the webbing of her left hand, in between her thumb and forefinger. When questioned, she reportedly told police she was tired of Ronald’s verbal abuse and she was tired of him taking her clothing. After that statement, she clammed up and asked for an attorney.

Police were called to the house one other time in the past two years, according to police dispatch records. Officers went there Feb. 25 to check someone’s welfare. No word on what prompted that call or the outcome.

Annie, quite possibly the oldest woman ever charged with murder in Missouri, is being held on a $250,000 cash bond.

I’ll consider myself extremely lucky if I can wipe my own ass at that age….

Story culled from http://www.dreamindemon.com

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