‘You have five seconds, then I’m going to kill you': Slain Queens woman Danielle Thomas’ final moments caught on voicemail as she’s strangled by law grad boyfriend Jason Bohn: report

Its good to know that in some parts of the world technology has made the work of law enforcement officers a tad bit easier. Now imagine if this guy’s phone had not inadvertently dialed out. He would  have had all manner of alibis. He may have even denied seeing her at all that day.

So she dialed an area code she does not usually call. That indicates she is having an affair right? Well, if she was, good for her. Anybody in a relationship with such a monster would want out. And frequently, people who are so very easily roused to suspicion are the ones you need to watch. They think everyone else is doing what they are doing.

Well, he will have a long time in jail to sort his issues out. Bye bye!


The murder of Danielle Thomas was recorded after killer Jason Bohn‘s cellphone dialed a friend from his pocket, prosecutors say. In the message, Bohn terrorizes Thomas, repeatedly choking her and letting her up, while shouting at her about an out-of-town area code he found on her phone, according to a report.


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Jason Bohn faces life in prison for the death of his girlfriend, Danielle Thomas, 27.


A Queens woman allegedly strangled to death by her law school grad boyfriend gasped for air and begged for her life as the thug wrung her neck and told her, “You think I’m going to stop, I won’t stop,” a new recording allegedly shows.

The final moments of Danielle Thomas’s life were captured on a chilling voicemail after alleged killer Jason Bohn‘s cellphone made a call from his pocket while he strangled and beat her June 24, 2012, in the couple’s Astoria apartment.

Thomas, 27, can be heard pleading with the 34-year-old Ivy League educated lawyer as he chokes her and screams at her about a Massachusetts area code he found on her phone, according to WCBS-TV, which heard the call from Amy Darbashtian, who received access to the transcript.

“Why did you call 508? Why did you call that number?” Bohn fumes.

Gasping for air, Thomas denies calling the number and begs for him to stop, sobbing “Jason, I love you,” over and over.

Bohn then briefly stops the brutal attack and says, “You have five seconds and then … and then I’m going to kill you,” according to WCBS-TV.

Bohn looked disheveled and withdrawn at his arraignment last summer. 


Bohn looked disheveled and withdrawn at his arraignment last summer. 


“I’m going to let you up and then you need to answer quickly or else you die,” he says. “Danielle, why did you call that number?

“Danielle you are so stupid,” he says. “You think I’m going to stop, I won’t stop.”

He kept his promise, prosecutors say.

Cops later found the pretty brunette’s battered and bloodied body lying face up in an ice-filled bathtub in the couple’s 33rd St. apartment.

The gruesome discovery came after Bohn fled the scene and then called police to report an accident at the home, police said.

Danielle Thomas was found dead in an ice-filled bathtub in her Astoria apartment July 24, 2012. Police said she was choked and beaten. 


Danielle Thomas was found dead in an ice-filled bathtub in her Astoria apartment July 24, 2012. Police said she was choked and beaten.

He was arrested five days later while eating dinner with his lawyer and his mother at a restaurant in White Plains.

Neighbors said the two had a stormy relationship and frequently heard screams coming from their third floor apartment.

Just weeks before Thomas’ death, Bohn was arrested and charged with assault for punching her out during an argument at their home.

While Thomas was at the 114th Precinct stationhouse reporting the attack, Bohn called her and vowed to “dedicate my life to hunting you down like a dog in the streets,” court papers said.

Bohn, who attended Columbia Law School and has a law degree from the University of Florida, faces first-degree murder charges and could get life in prison if convicted.

He’s due back in court July 29.

Thomas was a financial analyst for Weight Watchers.